Free RAIDIX ERA License For 8 Western Digital Ultrastar SN640 Drives

We've released a special free RAIDIX ERA license for Ultrastar SN640 by Western Digital. It gives you an opportunity to create high performance RAID with up to 8 NVMe drives.

Quick start with ready-to-work solution

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Collaborating with Western Digital, we've thoroughly checked and tested how NVMe array works under RAIDIX ERA managing software. The array delivers high performance and fault-tolerance, has compatibility with majority of modern server platforms and is fully prepared for commercial use.
Ready-to-work NVMe solution powered by RAIDIX ERA software RAID engine and Western Digital NVMe drives.

Outstanding performance of NVMe array

Thanks to innovative RAIDIX ERA technologies, fault-tolerant RAID with parity can achieve up to 97% of sum performance of the used drives.
Outstanding performance of NVMe array for RAID 5

Performance penalty in degraded mode less than 25% for RAID 50

Savings up to 50%
of the drives costs

RAID 5 performance with 8 NVMe under RAIDIX ERA is about RAID 10 performance with 16 NVMe drives.
RAID 5 performance with 8 NVMe under RAIDIX ERA is about RAID 10 performance with 16 NVMe drives.

Cost-effective solution for service provider datacenter

RAIDIX ERA server with direct attached NVMe drives is a useful and cost-effective building block for hosting provider scaling infrastructures and enterprise data centers.
Cost-effective NVMe array for data center infrastructures
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Solution features


Software takes less than 20% CPU usage under maximum array loading. And less 4GB RAM is needed for full-featured work.
Wide range
of RAID levels

You able to create RAID with necessary parity level:
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 7.3, 10, 50, 60, 70.
Any server

The solution easily works with any x86 server platforms from any vendor.

The solution is compatible with majority of file systems and server applications.
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RAIDIX ERA Express license has no drives limit and allows you to assemble up to 64 drives in a single RAID. Its performance for random reads more than 10M IOps and bandwidth for sequential workloads more than 50GB/s.
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Fill the contact form and select RAIDIX ERA + SN640 request in the drop-down menu. Input serial numbers of your new Ultrastar SN640 drives in the comment section to get your free promo license.