RAIDIX Storage for Backup Solution
High Speed Backup Processing with Best Administrative Costs
Software-defined storage based on RAIDIX software is a viable solution for backup tasks: high availability and data recovery speed can protect from significant system downtime, improve RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective). Storage system proves low costs of ownership and high level of availability, especially for large volumes of data.
Flexible solution scale-out with change of archive volume
Significant TCO reduction
Performance loss at sequential workloads in data recovery mode: Less than 10%
Easy customization and system configuration for the tasks of various complexity
Significant RTO and RPO Reduction
Effective multi-threads mode processing
Additional Data Protection with Remote Replication
Solutions performance proves significant reduction of time required for regular backup testing (for Health Check and other technologies of similar type)
Significant RTO and RPO Reduction
Guaranteed high level of performance for sequential workload provides significant reduction of RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective). This is achieved by developed algorithms of vector calculation, Advanced Reconstruction, and unique parallel SSD caching.
Availability and Data Integrity for Large Storage Volume
Required level of availability in the proposed solution is ensured by record recovery speed of software array, dual controller configuration (Active-Active), and Silent Data Corruption Protection. Utilizing unique levels of RAID 7.3, RAID N+M in conjunction with Partial Reconstruction feature allows to solve error of latent sector error that occurs with large storage volumes.

Additional data protection is provided by synchronous and asynchronous replication that allow you to create and store a copy in remote data center.
Optimization of Storage Costs
Unique features of RAIDIX software are aimed at effective work with large volumes of data while ensuring minimum redundancy of hardware components. RAIDIX 4.X allows to deploy efficient data storage systems with lowest cost per TB thanks to compatibility with standard server hardware.

Key technology for storage optimization and reduction of TCO is RAID 7.3, developed by RAIDIX company. It is an analogue to RAID 6 but more reliable, thanks to calculation of three checksums. RAID 7.3 significantly reduces risk of disk failure keeping performance at the same level.

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