Software-defined storage for data intensive tasks and environments
RAIDIX 4.X provides high speed block (SAN) and file (NAS) access for storage services. Empowered by innovative RAID technologies RAIDIX storage provides stable performance for high load tasks and protects integrity of your business processes.

Key Features

22GBps in hybrid configuration
Performance penalty in degraded RAID mode less than 10%
Fault tolerant HA cluster
NAS protocols: NFS, SMB, AFP, FTP
SAN protocols: FC, IB-SRP, iSCSI, SAS
Ultra-high bandwidth for the most demanding tasks
An internal logic of RAIDIX storage arrays was originally developed to get maximum benefits for working with massive sequential workloads. It significantly boosts HDDs performance even in low-end storage systems.
The lowest impact of hardware failures
Driven by innovative RAID technologies, RAIDIX storage demonstrates minimum performance penalty when a drive goes out. It helps to maintain smooth application workflow and data integrity in case of any emergency.

RAIDIX has dual controller configuration to eliminate single point of failure and prevent impact from the most common hardware failures. To protect data from natural and man-driven disasters, RAIDIX can create synchronized copies of data in a secondary data center.
Easy integration into existing infrastructure
Working as a unified storage, RAIDIX can give access via file (NFS, SMB, AFP, FTP) or block (FC, IB-SRP, iSCSI, SAS) protocols.

To provide more hardware freedom, RAIDIX data storage works with any drive from any vendor. Software-driven architecture eliminates storage vendor lock-in and minimizes costs of regular hardware modernizations.
Ready for non-standard projects
Due to simple integration with parallel file systems, RAIDIX data storage can be easily adjusted to outsized and non-trivial installations. Depending on the file system features, storage will get additional scalability, ability to work with immense data volumes or gain performance in multi-node projects.

RAIDIX + Lustre. Collaborating with Lustre FS, RAIDIX storage meets the needs of data storage for HPC clusters.

RAIDIX + HyperFS. HyperFS extends RAIDIX-based storage capabilities to make scale-out solutions, and have collaborative access from multiple workstations.

Western Digital Storage Powered by RAIDIX

Western Digital storage solutions powered by RAIDIX are well suited for intensive task and applications both in general purpose configurations and large customized projects.
Western Digital Storage Solution Powered by RAIDIX

Lenovo Data Storage Powered by RAIDIX

Innovative RAID algorithms from RAIDIX and features of Lenovo hardware provide top-notch performance for sequential write and read operations. The solution gives a wide range of opportunities for customization and system configuration.
Western Digital Storage Solution Powered by RAIDIX


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