RAIDIX 4.X is the software designed to deploy high performance block and file storage systems.
RAIDIX software-defined storage delivers proven performance and availability in data-rich industries such as media, video surveillance and high performance computing.
RAIDIX 4.X software provides single or dual controllers architecture empowering all advantages of industry standard hardware.

RAIDIX operating system supports wide range of file and block access protocols.
SMB v2/v3
NFS v3/v4
FC 8Gb/16Gb/32Gb
InfiniBand SRP 20Gb/40Gb/56Gb/100Gb
iSCSI 10Gb/25Gb/40Gb/100Gb
SAS 12Gb

Core Technology

The core technology of RAIDIX 4.X software is the proprietary RAID engine implemented in the operating system kernel. It has been developed to ensure high level of sustainable performance and data availability.

RAIDIX 4.x employs the following array levels: RAID: RAID 0, RAID 10, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 7.3, RAID N+M.

Due to unique checksum calculation approach with specific data placement on CPU vector registers, the following figures can be achieved:
25 GBps per core
Less than 10%
Checksum calculation speed. Therefore it guarantees write speed to array with checksum close to total back-end system performance.
Performance loss at sequential workloads in data recovery mode. RAIDIX has an obvious advantage over other systems that have few dozen percent reduction.

Product Benefits


Unique implementation of RAID calculations and Advanced Reconstruction provide sustainable storage performance in case of disks failure or recovery mode.

Adaptive read-ahead algorithm enables employment of cache capacity for boost performance at sequential multi-thread workloads.


RAIDIX 4.X software is compatible with a wide range of industry standard hardware that gives businesses an opportunity to adjust and customize system easily according to customer needs.

Cluster-in-a-Box functionality and compatibility with scalable file systems (HyperFS, Lustre) bring a wide range of solutions to satisfy any customer need.

Dual controller Active-Active architecture provides solution with no single point of failure. Proprietary RAID levels (RAIN N+M, RAID 7.3) demonstrate unprecedented reliability on the modular storage system market.


QoSmic is a unique quality of service module that optimizes productivity within a current data storage infrastructure.
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san optimizer
SAN Optimizer is a RAIDIX software extension enabled to integrate current and outdated storage nodes into unified virtual system with additional functionality.


Proprietary RAID Engine
Checksum processing within RAID engine is based on vectoring calculations using SSE4.2 and AVX Intel's extensions.
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Adaptive read-ahead
Read-ahead tool recognizes sequential data blocks from plenty of concurrent threads and proactively puts them into the cache to increase system performance.
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Advanced Reconstruction
With fast checksum calculation Advanced Reconstruction ignores the slowest data drives in order to increase overall RAID performance.
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Partial Reconstruction
Partial Reconstruction identifies and reconstructs only that data blocks, which were changed when drive was unplugged.
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Silent Data Corruption Protection
System detects and fixes corrupted data based on checksum analysis during routine drive operations without causing performance degradation.
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Remote Replication
Provides disaster recovery and additional data protection by creating data copies in remote storage system.
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Non-Volatile Memory NVDIMM
Write-back cache is placed inside non-volatile memory NVDIMM to prevent data loss in case of power interruption.
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The technology employs SSD space as hot data buffer in order to improve total system performance. RAIDIX 4.X has two modes of SSD cache: cache for reading, cache for reading and writing.
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