Innovative software company, developing professional storage solutions
We create products for storage environments where applications and services demand high speed access and operate with massive data volumes.
Established in 2009 by a team of data storage experts and prominent mathematicians
Proprietary erasure coding algorithms and RAID models
Data storage solutions with deep math research
Cooperation with industry leaders and technological experts across the globe
Cooperation with technological experts for data storage improvement
RAIDIX employes proprietary erasure coding for data storage solutions
In-house Research Lab extending the company's technology horizons
8 technology patents implemented in company's products
Data storage software with technology patents
RAIDIX data storage company was established in 2009
RAIDIX Worldwide
RAIDIX software is distributed through partners worldwide as an operating part of hardware solutions.

USA, Russia, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam.
Official board for press-releases and announcements
The media kit contains the RAIDIX corporate imagery and text descriptions.