Proprietary software RAID
RAIDIX software employs unique RAID engine having combination of record checksum calculation speed and providing the highest level of data availability
Advanced Reconstruction
Advanced Reconstruction automatically excludes the slowest drives from reading operations to keep a high level of total array performance
Partial Reconstruction
Partial Reconstruction significantly reduces total RAID recovery time after emergently drive removing or deliberate enclosure reconnection
Silent Data Corruption Protection
System scans and fixes silent errors in background mode during reading operations from clients with no performance loss
Adaptive Read-Ahead
Adaptive read-ahead is a data caching technology enabled to analyze incoming workload and predict it, and then put it into cache for overall system acceleration
SSD Cache
SSD cache is a simple and effective tool to improve data storage performance. System speed increases due to fast drives used as a buffer for frequently requested data
Remote Replication
The principal idea of this feature is creating synchronized copies of data in secondary data center to lower impact of threats by natural and man-driven disasters

Functional Extensions

QoSmic automatically defines priorities of system applications with less administrator's engagement. Important business applications get higher priority while requests from service utilities and insignificant programs are reduced
SAN Optimizer
SAN Optimizer is a RAIDIX software extension enabled to integrate current and outdated storage nodes into unified virtual system with additional functionality