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RAIDIX 4.X for Video Surveillance
RAIDIX 4.X is an optimal solution to meet storage requirements in video surveillance projects: efficient processing of sequential workloads, low cost scalability to address network growth and archive depth extension, stable performance in case of increased intensity of video streams in emergency mode.

High Speed Workflow for Video Streams

Algorithms of vector calculation from RAIDIX provide top-notch performance for sequential write and read operations. Adaptive read-ahead caching and software architecture allow for simultaneous processing of hundreds of heavy data streams.

• Sequential performance: 17GBps for write, 22GBps for read
• Parallel read operations with stable performance for smooth operation of analytical software
• Effective multi-threads mode processing
• Applicable for plenty high-resolution cameras (from VGA to Full HD)

Availability and Integrity for High Data Volume

To maintain high availability and data integrity in high capacity system, RAIDIX software employs best-in-class speed of array reconstruction and levels RAID 7.3, RAID N+M with advanced reliability.

Active-Active dual controller configuration removes single point of failure while Silent Data Corruption Protection gives additional value for keeping data integrity in case of hardware errors.

• Checksum speed calculation: 25 GBps per core
• Performance loss at sequential workloads in data recovery mode: Less than 10%
• No single point of failure
• No data stream loss in case of emergency situation and hardware failure
• Certain recovery of event based on video data integrity

Storage Cost Optimization

Storage systems with RAIDIX 4.X can be effectively built on the basis of standard server hardware. They reduce capital expenditures through simple scale-out system based on HyperFS and can be easily integrated into any IT environment. These properties help to assess not only the current benefits of solution but also its cost-efficiency in long-term use.

The key benefit for data storage optimization is RAID 7.3 developed in RAIDIX in-house lab. RAID 7.3 is similar for RAID 6, but has highest grade of reliability due to 3 checksum calculation at once. RAID 7.3 substantially decrease probability of drive failure while reducing hardware redundancy and keeping array performance.

• Significant TCO reduction in large installation
• Flexible solution scale-out with change of archive volume

Easy Customization for Complex Installation

Software-defined storage powered by RAIDIX 4.X gives wide range of opportunities for customization and system configuration for the tasks of various complexity. Plenty software options and combining with standard server components allow to perform "flexible server" principle, which is necessary for outsized and complex projects.

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