RAIDIX 4.X for Video Surveillance

RAIDIX 4.X software-defined storage enables you to create high performance solution for large and small video surveillance systems

Powerful Storage for Video Surveillance Infrastructures

RAIDIX-powered solution provides reliable storage for video surveillance infrastructure with reference to significant increase of video streams and extensive growth of data volumes.

City Surveillance
Law enforcement & public safety
Road monitoring & traffic safety
Access control & patient observation
Customer insights & advanced targeting
Education / Hospitality
Access control & public safety
Gaming / Banking
Cheat prevention & finance control
Property safety & procedures improvement
Home Security Services
Property safety & theft prevention

High Performance for Streaming Workloads

RAIDIX-based storage performance reaches up to 17GB/s per one pair of controllers. Such throughput is surely enough for steady streams writing from hundreds of high-resolution cameras and for uninterrupted work of analytical software.

Cost-Effectiveness Grows with Your Data Volumes

RAIDIX storage solution employs RAID 7.3 for significant reduction of capital and operation costs. It is able to provide 99,9999% availability and reduces array redundancy according to the archive growth.

Smooth Access to Your Archive

RAIDIX software technologies quickly reconstruct data when drive or controller fails, eliminating the risk of even the shortest downtime. Fast array rebuild has low impact on system resources and subsequently to storage performance. It helps to avoid dropped frames and preserves the integrity of video streams.
Providing 99,9999% availability, RAID 7.3 has less drives redundancy in array than RAID 6*
*calculated for arrays with 12TB, working in full-loaded sequential mode, with 15% reconstruction priority
9% less

for 96TB
33% less

for 288TB
47% less

for 540TB

Mid-Range Video Surveillance Solution

• For various quantity of cameras and different archive depths
• For retail, transportation infrastructure, universities and hospitals
• Up to 17GB/s per one pair of controllers
• High density: up to 1.4PB in 8U
• No frame losses for high video stream rates
• Non-volatile NVDIMM memory for write-back cache protection
RAIDIX 4.7 / Ultrastar Data102 / SuperServer 6029P-TRT
5000 Full HD cameras / 7 days retention
1000 Full HD cameras / 30 days retention
500 Full HD cameras / 60 days retention

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