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Patented erasure coding algorithms
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RAIDIX 4.x is the software designed to deploy high performance block and file storage systems.

RAIDIX software-defined storage delivers proven performance and availability in data-rich industries such as media, video surveillance and high performance computing.

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RAIDIX ERA is high-performance software RAID specially designed for NVMe-drives and new types of storage interconnect.

RAIDIX ERA technologies efficiently employ flash drive capabilities (NVMe, SAS, SATA) for building fast and fault-tolerant RAID. It is distributed as local block device with remote access function provided by the complementary software.

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Case Studies

RAIDIX-powered projects all over the world revealed in the traditional Challenge-Solution-Results format.

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Tech insights into RAIDIX-based solutions and optimization of existing IT infrastructures.

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"RAIDIX data storage system resolved the issue of storing and efficiently processing large volumes of the Theater's video. It also guaranteed seamless delivery of the Media Portal content in line with increasing scalability needs".
Evgeniy Barbashin
Deputy IT Director, the Mariinsky Theater (former Kirov Ballet)
"The official Sochi 2014 Olympics film was edited based on a RAIDIX-powered data storage system delivered by FeelSystems. The solution was a great fit for the Ostrov post-production studio requirements and ensured high speed of data processing. Thanks to the system, the end customer always delivers the output in record time with minimal equipment and software overheads. FeelSystems and Ostrov are now engaged in a long-term cooperation for post-production tasks — with the software-defined RAIDIX technology at the core of the comprehensive solution".
Richard Nikolaenkov
CTO, FeelSystems
"RAIDIX is a unique storage system that allows for simultaneous data access using all available protocols: IP, FC, InfiniBand, etc. The RAIDIX product is optimized for high workloads and ensures maximum processing speeds in the multi-stream mode. Belaya Polosa (Open Media Group) chooses RAIDIX for high performance, flexibility and reliability. This makes solid ground for believing that the RAIDIX-powered storage will help a whole lot of new quality feature films and TV projects see the light of day".
Matvey Bunaev
Post-production Unit Manager, Belaya Polosa (Open Media Group)
"We were impressed that an industry leader like ATTO Technology recommended RAIDIX, and understood its reasoning when we discovered the solution's rich capabilities".
Arifeen Yousufi
Deputy IT Manager, Sharp Image
"For the entire period of operating with RAIDIX storage, we only received positive feedback on the performance, reliability and great price-to-performance ratio of RAIDIX-powered solutions. Another important factor is cooperation with a reliable local integrator providing assembly and hardware component testing".
Dmitry Chashnik
IT Director, StarlightMedia
"We are happy to partner with RAIDIX for video post-production and other tasks. Our end customers never fail to expand the existing RAIDIX-powered storage systems and request new shipments".
Andrey Tischenko
CEO, Entry
"The RAIDIX-based SANATA Data Storage System for virtualization revealed maximum performance for read/write in RAID 6 and high storage reliability. This fault-tolerant solution enabled the customer to achieve immediate business goals and cut down on storage expenses".
Alexander Dmitriev
"RAIDIX delivered to Yongin far more storage in less space and for less money. The solution improves efficiencies and lowers ownership costs, even for storing streaming 2K and 4K video".
Gabriel Kang
Chief Executive Officer, ITServices