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RAIDIX 4.X for Media & Entertainment
RAIDIX 4.X satisfies the most demanding requirements of media and entertainment businesses: high performance of sequential and multi-thread workloads, providing integrity of media content, reliable and scalable storage of large volumes of data.
RAIDIX 4.X is a powerful software base for storage systems to endure in environment of high load processes and demanding applications. It was especially designed for post-production and TV broadcast, where it proved outstanding results in terms of performance and data availability on common server hardware.

RAIDIX 4.X is applicable for building storage systems with file and block accesses, which support wide range of SAN and NAS protocols.

Compliance with Industry Requirements

Advanced hardware with the newest software is as important for companies aiming to succeed in video production as the highest level of team competence.

Technologies simplify working processes and ensure safekeeping and integrity of expensive video content. Proper software provide effective and timesaving opportunities to produce more with less effort. Functionality and reliability of up-to-date production systems allow you to focus on quality of the content without any interruption caused by infrastructure issues.

Balanced Performance

RAIDIX 4.X allows you to create storage systems with highest performance of sequential operations (17GBps write and 22GBps read speed), including multithreaded access and during drives failure mode. This is achieved by means of unique implementation of software RAID and Adaptive read-ahead algorithm, which is effective for sequential multithreaded operations, as it uses cache for significant read/write acceleration.

QoSmic extension allows balanced allocation of available computing resources depending on significance and priority of applications used.

Data Safety and Integrity

RAIDIX 4.X provides implementation of high available Active-Active cluster to ensure safety of expensive video material. Developed RAID 7.3 and RAID N+M levels allow you to create a system with enhanced reliability and resiliency.

It ensures integrity of processed data due to combination of key technologies, including protection of cache write operations with NVDIMM non-volatile memory.

Budget and Workflow Optimization

Storage systems with RAIDIX 4.X can be effectively built on the basis of standard server hardware. They reduce capital expenditures through simple scale-out system based on HyperFS and can be easily integrated into any IT environment. These properties help to assess not only the current benefits of solution but also its cost-efficiency in long-term use.

Applied technologies of fault-tolerance and data reconstruction minimize production downtime and shorten time needed for video processing. QoSmic extension is additional technology that helps to optimize system performance due to intelligent recognition module and can reduce workload on your system administrator.
«The RAIDIX product is optimized for high workloads and ensures maximum processing speeds in the multi-stream mode. Belaya Polosa (Open Media Group) chooses RAIDIX for high performance, flexibility and reliability».
Matvey Bunaev
Post-production Unit Manager, Belaya Polosa
«RAIDIX data storage system resolved the issue of storing and efficiently processing large volumes of the Theater's video. It also guaranteed seamless delivery of the Media Portal content in line with increasing scalability needs».
Evgeniy Barbashin
Deputy IT Director, the Mariinsky Theater

Storage for Media and Post-production

RAIDIX software was originally developed for needs of media companies with main requirement to ensure guaranteed performance for streaming load. It resulted in unique software RAID, which was implemented in OS kernel and formed the basis for final product features.

Current version of RAIDIX includes all necessary functions to create productive, resilient and scalable storage system, targeted for processing of heavy media at all stages of video production.

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