Storage software purposely built for post-production and TV broadcasting
RAIDIX 5.Х for Media & Entertainment

High Speed Software-Defined Storage
for Media and Post-production

RAIDIX 5.X satisfies the most demanding requirements of media and entertainment businesses: high performance of sequential and multi-thread workloads, providing integrity of media content, reliable and scalable storage of large volumes of data.
Efficiency at each technological stage: rendering, transcoding, editing, broadcasting, colorgrading, vfx
Easy integration into any IT environment by wide range of file and block protocols
Flexible solution scale-out with change of video archive volume
Balanced productivity on the app level due to the QoSmic feature
Effective processing of multi-threads workloads
Highest performance of sequential operation with 2K/4K/8K streams
Less than 10% in performance loss at sequential workloads in data recovery mode
Data integrity in case of peak loads or hardware failures
Balanced Performance
RAIDIX software allows you to create storage systems with highest performance of sequential operations (17GBps write and 22GBps read speed), including multithreaded access and during drives failure mode. This is achieved by means of unique implementation of software RAID and Adaptive read-ahead algorithm, which is effective for sequential multithreaded operations, as it uses cache for significant read/write acceleration.

QoSmic extension allows balanced allocation of available computing resources depending on significance and priority of applications used.
Data Safety and Integrity
RAIDIX storage provides implementation of high available Active-Active cluster to ensure safety of expensive video material. Developed RAID 7.3, RAID N+M levels allow you to create a system with enhanced reliability and resiliency.
Budget and Workflow Optimization
Storage systems with RAIDIX can be effectively built on the basis of standard server hardware. They reduce capital expenditures through simple scale-out system based on HyperFS and can be easily integrated into any IT environment. These properties help to assess not only the current benefits of solution but also its cost-efficiency in long-term use.

Applied technologies of fault-tolerance and data reconstruction minimize production downtime and shorten time needed for video processing. QoSmic extension is additional technology that helps to optimize system performance due to intelligent recognition module and can reduce workload on your system administrator.

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