Lenovo Data Storage Powered by RAIDIX
Joint hardware-software solution based on Lenovo ThinkSystem platform and RAIDIX 4.X software
Lenovo Data Storage Powered by RAIDIX
File (NFS, SMB, ATP, FTP) and block (FC, IB, iSCSI, SAS) storage
Flexible solution scale-out with change of archive volume
Easy customization and system configuration for the tasks of various complexity
Less than 10% performance loss in data recovery mode
Additional Data Protection with Remote Replication
Innovative RAID algorithms from RAIDIX and features of Lenovo hardware provide top-notch performance for sequential write and read operations.

Lenovo software-defined storage powered by RAIDIX 4.X gives wide range of opportunities for customization and system configuration for the tasks of various complexity. A large number of PCIe ports and plenty software options allow to perform "flexible server" principle, which is necessary for outsized and complex projects.

Data Storage For Video Surveillance
Lenovo data storage powered by RAIDIX is compliant with video surveillance requirements: effective processing of streaming workloads, flexibility, easy customization, low maintenance costs caused by network growth and archive depth increasing, stability in case of heavy emergency workload.
Data Storage For Backup Infrastructures
Lenovo data storage based on RAIDIX 4.X software is a viable solution for backup tasks: high availability and data recovery speed can protect from significant system downtime, improve RTO (recovery point objective) and RPO (recovery time objective). Storage system proves low costs of ownership and high level of availability, especially for large volumes of data.

Lenovo ThinkSystem Storage Solution

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 / Lenovo Storage D3284
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 Data Storage Powered by RAIDIX Software
• Up to 17 GBs per one pair of controllers
• High density storage solution
• Unique SSD caching technology
• A large number of PCIe ports for flexible customization
• Reliable RAID 7.3 and RAID N+M for additional data protection
• NVDIMM for write-back cache
Lenovo Storage D3284 Powered by RAIDIX

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