Ten Years of RAIDIX Innovations


The long way from an SDS pioneer to the partner of the largest international corporations.

RAIDIX is applied in more than 30 countries worldwide, including the UK, Spain, India, Brazil, USA. We cooperate with Intel, Lenovo, Panasonic, Western Digital, Seagate and other tech giants. Our team delivers projects for major production studios, factories, universities, research centers, and if we are to pick just one to mention, it would be the largest RAIDIX installation that stores 65 PB in Japan. These are just a few highlights in the company history for the last 10 years.

A decade ago RAIDIX was one of the first companies worldwide that started developing specialized storage software for media and production companies. Back in 2009, high-performance RAID 6 was created, incredibly productive on sequential operations and much faster compared to any known at that moment low-end or mid-range storage. RAIDIX was better even in degraded mode, while only the drives connection limited RAID performance. The solution rapidly became very popular in the media market and got positive appraisals from media companies and post-production studios in both the USA and Europe.

RAIDIX team has always paid special attention to tech innovations and unique ideas, implemented in the products. It is RAIDIX team, that first introduced functional RAID 7.3, and — later in 2016, RAID N+M, that is the most robust RAID in the world. “We have tested Intel’s ISA-L (Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library) and James Planck’s Jerasure library, and RAIDIX is just more productive”, Sergey Platonov, Chief Strategist at RAIDIX, comments results of comparing RAIDIX to the most prominent industry benchmarks.

Svetlana Lazareva, RAIDIX CTO, supervised the development of QoSmic, RAIDIX software functional extension that ensures the quality of service. QoSmic is an exceptional technology that is able to determine the application and regulate storage load. “We can actually teach the storage to identify an application based on the outgoing traffic patterns, and assign the highest priority to critically important business applications”, comments Svetlana.

RAIDIX team carries on the development of RAIDIX 4.X software, as well as the number of new products for AI and ML solutions, including RAIDIX ERA software RAID for flash devices. Sergey Platonov shares his plans: “We will keep on fighting for performance. Our strategy will primarily focus on new types of memory and new protocols: Optane, NVMeOF, Storage Class Memory, and others. Speaking about architecture, we will develop SPDK-based technologies. And of course, we are planning to integrate RAIDIX with application tasks”.