PROSTOR 2020 Storage Conference: Discussing Key Technologies and New Hardware Components


PROSTOR forum is the most extensive, yet industry-specific annual meeting of the storage community. This challenging year the conference will be held for the 6th time, with its format transformed to online, and will focus on data management tools and technologies, applied for the digital transformation of enterprises.

Data management is becoming one of the key areas of business development in a wide variety of industries. Data volumes are expanding, and companies are striving to apply them in the most effective way, aiming for optimizing the business processes and gaining more competitive advantages.

New technologies are already becoming key for solving a number of business tasks and production issues. In order to use these new tools to their full extent, it is necessary to take into account additional requirements for the IT infrastructure. PROSTOR speakers will discuss how to meet new demands wisely, using challenges of the various enterprises to plan your perfect storage.

We will discuss flexible solutions that scale on the fly, new ways to increase storage performance, and fine integration with new applications and frameworks. The speakers will also cover the issues of reducing the costs and complexity of managing new systems and technologies.

«These days a lot of businesses face the challenge of accelerating digital transformation while reducing their budgets at the same time. In other words, PROSTOR agenda will mainly focus on how to change the approach to data storage and upgrade your methods of managing the information flows», says Sergey Platonov, Chief Strategist at RAIDIX. At the conference, RAIDIX team will present its vision on the industry future, an overview of cutting-edge technologies and products, and will also talk about the tools for analyzing performance of a storage under a load of millions of IOps.

Usually PROSTOR is a great, warm and friendly offline meeting, but 2020 has obviously changed our plans and the conference will go online. Response, made of necessity due to the current preventive measures, at the same time will allow us to provide access to the content at any convenient time from anywhere in the world. Pre-recorded presentations and videos will be available on the website during a week, starting October 21.

On October 29th you are welcome to join PROSTOR online talk with speakers and technology partners, discussing results of the conference and answering the questions. The conference will be attended by Western Digital, Micron, Broadcom, Microchip, GS Nanotech and IBM.

Western Digital will talk about the practice of shifting from SATA and SAS to NVMe, as well as technologies and products required for this step. Micron will present novelties from the world of NVMe: new engine for storing HSE on Flash and issues of monitoring and transparency of the systems.

GS Nanotech will share its experience in the development, production and testing of SSD-drives using its own NAND-memory and will also announce a new model of a solid-state drive in the U.2 NVMe form factor for high-performance storage systems.

Broadcom is introducing affordable storage solutions and technical features of new controllers that support PCIe Gen4. Microchip engineers will present smart and secure data center and IoT infrastructure solutions, meeting high performance requirements.

With IBM you will learn how to build AI Data Pipeline using the range of IBM Spectrum products and leverage multi-cloud infrastructures to get the most out of your data. This might be necessary during constant data migration among applications and using resources of several clouds for various tasks.

Check PROSTOR website for the full program of the conference and sign up for free to get the access to the videos and online translation of the talk.

PROSTOR Tech Conference is a meeting of storage professionals dedicated to the latest trends in the storage industry and review of the applied storage solutions. The conference has been held annually since 2014 and is arranged by the RAIDIX team.

RAIDIX develops managing software for high-performance storage systems. The company’s strategic value builds on the patented erasure coding methods and innovative technology designed by the in-house research lab. RAIDIX software is distributed through the partners as an operating part of hardware solutions. RAIDIX-based storage solutions are implemented in 30+ countries worldwide including USA, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Spain, Turkey, and Kazakhstan.