New Release of RAIDIX 4.X Software


This week RAIDIX team has announced release of RAIDIX 4.7.2 — storage management software with improved SSD caching and new role-based rules, restricting access to the storage.

Optimized SSD caching technology significantly reduces failover in DC systems, which improves data availability and overall productivity of the storage.

RAIDIX 4.7.2 makes possible to introduce role-based access rules for Administrator and Operator. The Operator has view-only access, while the Administrator is able to manage all storage settings. In addition, system logs, including data on system updates and login/logouts of storage users, can be sent to a remote server.

The new 4.7.2 release has a number of other improved features: better integration with Active Directory, optimized work with domains containing a large number of users and groups (over 100,000) and monitoring of the system disk used capacity.

RAIDIX 4.X is the software designed to deploy high-performance block and file storage systems. RAIDIX software-defined storage delivers proven performance and availability in data-rich industries such as media, video surveillance and high-performance computing.