Eurotech Selects RAIDIX ERA Technology for Its Autonomous Driving Applications


RAIDIX ERA is employed in DynaCOR 40-35, HPEC networking storage systems by Eurotech. Innovative technology provides unprecedented storage capacity and stable write speed.

DynaCOR 40-35 is a liquid-cooled HPEC networking storage system, designed in a compact form factor. Intended for use in extreme conditions, with integrated direct liquid cooling technology, these storage appliances are certified for automotive applications and any other heavy-duty utilization. The self-contained storage by Eurotech provides up to 123TB storage at 80Gbit/s sustained write speed thanks to ERA technology, introduced to operate high-performance NVMe drives.

Autonomous driving vehicles produce enormous amounts of data during all cycles of operation; a very relevant example is collecting large datasets for model training by driving vehicles in actual traffic. This use case requires a combination of very high bandwidth, low latency and uninterrupted sensor data stream storage while operating under extreme environmental conditions.

Storage systems, designed to be applied in such data-intensive environments, have to be equipped with the most efficient all-flash arrays, operating at the highest speed and lowest latency. NVMe drives are able to provide performance at this high rate for mixed and random workloads, but in data center practice the drives are usually arranged in RAIDs where they significantly lose their potential.

After long-standing tests, the Eurotech engineering team has proved RAIDIX ERA to be the most suitable solution for its DynaCOR 40-35 high-speed logging requirements. ERA technology is an innovative software RAID, which effectively operates NVMe drives and makes them as fast as possible. With I/O handling parallelization and lockless datapath, RAIDIX ERA utilizes up to 97% of hardware performance capabilities, releasing their highest performance rate.

DynaCOR 40-35 computational platforms are combined by Eurotech with ERA technology and NVMe drives into autonomous driving applications. Altogether they provide raw storage capacity up to 123TB and sustained write speed up to 80Gbit/s. With reference to all physical features of the units and easy in-vehicle installation, these systems are going to hold their positions as number one storage applications for the autonomous vehicles industry.

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