Boosting Multi-Parity RAID with Vector Calculation


Join Live Webinar 11/29 @ 8 am PT and get you roadmap through AVX to build really fast and productive RAID.

Alexey Marov, Leading Engineer at RAIDIX R&D, will explain data availability and essential speed recovery, talking about unique features of RAIDIX software for data storage management.

RAIDIX applies vector calculation and allows creation RAID 7.3 and RAID N+M that ensure maximum storage stability and productivity. Alexey will also speak on how to build RAID with the highest performance, taking the latest data storage project with 6600 drives embedded in RIKEN Research Center as an example.

Being the member of Intel Data Center Builders, RAIDIX stands on patented math algorithms and unique approach to data storage. Now R&D team is working on the most upfront solutions that deliver the highest speed of data transfer with the help of NVMe technology and Optane drives.

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