The Next Big Thing in Data Storage: Introduction


In a recent article, Jim O’Reilly defined eight key milestones in the data storage industry. Jim’s list included SCSI-based Interfaces, Drive Capacity, RAID and SAN, NAS, SSD, NVMe, Software-defined Storage and the Cloud.

While all these factors are, indeed, relevant as ever, they all belong in the present. In an attempt of technology fortune-telling, I’d be interested to muse on The Next Big Thing that the future of data storage holds for us.

Is it possible to predict with high accuracy? No, and yes.

No, since nobody knows the future. Many a time, we witnessed how vendors invested heavily into technologies that didn’t make it to the mass market after all. The reasons of failure differed. Some companies got too immersed into wishful thinking, others came up with ideas ahead of their time, still others couldn’t agree on a viable partnership to promote a promising plan…

Yes, because we can understand the exact industry needs and follow bleeding-edge technologies burgeoning in commercial and academic labs. Having some understanding of the market laws and juxtaposing industry facts, we can play Nostradamus and deduce feasible trends.

In a series of blog postings, I’d like to give and overview of the industry and emerging technologies, and try to discern why many of them didn’t deliver on the promised.

As a sneak peek into the articles to follow – my personal bet on The Next Big Thing is Smart Storage Devices.

Smart Devices will not only store data but apply intelligence to peform microservice operations, ensure smooth scalability and switch roles based on the context. If needed, they can team up for solving a common task.

These devices will be able to “understand” application behavior patterns and data “relevance”, tiering information by access speed, reliability, etc. Smart Storage Devices will help solve a plethora of issues arising in the world of smart cities, enterprises and spaces.

Stay tuned for blog postings to come where I’ll elaborate on current developments aimed to bring Smart Storage Devices to life!