RAIDIX 4.6 Product Features and Manuals


RAIDIX launches a new edition of the software-defined storage technology – RAIDIX 4.6.

The RAIDIX volume management software powers commodity hardware to create fault-tolerant high-performance data storage systems for data-intensive applications.

Adding to the previous major edition, RAIDIX 4.6 enables the use of NVDIMM-N, ensures support for new 100Gbit adapters and brings along more features and improvements.


New Features and Changes

  1. Write-back cache protection with the use of non-volatile memory (NVDIMM-N) which prevents data loss even in case of power failure on the node.
  2. An ability to connect to a Linux client through InfiniBand Mellanox ConnectX-4 VPI EDR interface.
  3. An ability to set up system time and synchronize the system with NTP server in the web interface.
  4. Improved UI – control and management tweaks.

Known Limitations

  1. Due to the Mellanox OFED upgrade to ver. 4.1, RAIDIX 4.6 may reveal issues with IB adapters having older firmware (e,g,, Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3] with firmware version 2.10.700).
  2. While using Mellanox OFED, the ‘Call Trace’ error may occur in the logs. The problem is related to memory allocation in InfiniBand drivers and does not influence the RAIDIX operation. The issue will be fixed in subsequent driver versions.
  3. The maximum number of drives available through SAN optimizer is 191.


Technical Manuals

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