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RAIDIX and Media Wheels deliver peak GB/s in the MENA M&E market


RAIDIX announces cooperation with an Egyptian system integrator Media Wheels. The partner is a specialized IT solution provider in Media & Entertainment that delivers ultimate throughput to postproduction studios in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and beyond. The partner has added a RAIDIX-based appliance to its portfolio and presented a new software-defined solution to a wide range of media prospects.

Media Wheels’ areas of expertise include professional appliances and high-end SAN and NAS systems for video production. The company partners with Bright Technologies, Scale Logic, Proavio, FilmLight and more multimedia IT pros.

Media Wheels gives priority to hardware-agnostic technology and customer-oriented solutions that cater to specific tasks and workloads. Leveraging the RAIDIX solution, the partner enables visual artists to cut their production costs and time-to-market by offering top GB/s required for shared file editing.

RAIDIX-powered systems support the entire video production lifecycle from ingest to broadcast and archiving, smoothly manage 4K workloads, and balance performance for critical tasks. The QoSmic algorithm baked into RAIDIX allows the system to prioritize workloads on the application level, e.g. distinguish between 2K and 4K streams and allocate greater bandwidth to most pressing tasks.

RAIDIX ensures full compatibility with SAN (Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI, 12G SAS) and NAS (NFS, SMB, AFP, FTP) protocols, as well as professional editing and grading applications from AVID, Autodesk, Blackmagic Design, Sony, Apple, Digital Vision – and more.

Building on commodity-off-the-shelf hardware, Media Wheels enables the customer to hone the RAIDs to specific tasks and decrease TCO. In addition, the system allows for direct installation of professional editing and color grading software right on the storage node.

By incorporating high-performance RAIDIX software, Media Wheels enables high-speed shared access to multi-terabyte content with no frames dropped and no performance degradation. The future-proof technology behind the hardware delivers up to 15 GB/s throughput for intense sequential workflows and unlocks greater media creativity to top broadcast and film production units in the region.


About Media Wheels

Media Wheels (www.m-wheels.com) is an Egypt-based system integrator providing high-end systems and services for the postproduction, broadcast and film markets. The company represents cutting-edge M&E appliances and solutions from Archiware, ATTO Technology, Bright Technologies, CatDV, Digital Film Technology, FilmLight, GB Labs, Piql, The Pixel Farm, Proavio, Scale Logic, and Sonnet Technologies.