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RAIDIX is cutting-edge management
software allowing to build professional
data storage systems using
commodity-of-the-shelf equipment.

RAIDIX is a Software-Defined Storage technology (SDS)

At the core of RAIDIX, one can find the results of in-house mathematical and technical research. The RAIDIX software is developed for industries where high storage performance, reliability and availability are key to business-critical processes and integrity of the IT infrastructure.

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RAIDIX for Media & Entertainment

Record Speeds of Video Production

RAIDIX delivers the utmost for video post-production and media professionals, supporting top throughput and IOps for servicing multi-terabyte files and demanding applications — with no performance degradation.

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RAIDIX for Video Surveillance

Multi-thread Data Storage. Without Skipping a Beat

RAIDIX provides record performance operating simultaneously with hundreds of video threads, and ensures high personal, enterprise and urban safety for the global community.

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RAIDIX Scale-Out Solutions

Highly scalable solutions for explosive and unpredictable data growth

High performance cluster storage software delivers unrivaled performance, adamant reliability, large-scale horizontal expansion capabilities and a super-large single file system, providing shared storage for data of all formats and sizes.

RAIDIX ExaSphere (pdf) RAIDIX Interstellar (pdf)

Buy Standalone Storage Appliance
Powered by RAIDIX

Standalone storage appliances powered by RAIDIX software seamlessly
integrate with classic operational systems and support a variety of
high-speed interfaces (FC, InfiniBand, iSCSI, SAS).


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