Western Digital Storage Powered by RAIDIX

Joint storage solution based on Western Digital platform and RAIDIX software
Western Digital Storage Solution Powered by RAIDIX
File (NFS, SMB, ATP, FTP) and block (FC, IB, iSCSI, SAS) storage
Additional data protection with remote replication
Easy solution scale-out and flexible system configuration
Low impact of the hardware failure
High throughput for intensive workloads
Western Digital delivers functional and innovative hardware platforms that expand opportunities for software-defined storage. RAIDIX and Western Digital joint solutions demonstrate high performance level and stable workflow even in case of drive failure.

Western Digital storage solutions powered by RAIDIX are well suited for intensive task and applications both in general purpose configurations and large customized projects.

Ultrastar Data102 Storage Solution

Storage for Video Surveillance
Storage for Media
Storage for Enterprise
Storage for HPC

Western Digital Ultrastar Data102

High Density Storage Solution for Intensive Workloads
• Up to 17GBps for one pair of controllers
• High density data storage
• Scaling out up to 8PB
• No single point of failure
• Unique RAID 7.3 and RAID N+M for additional data protection
• Isovibe™ Technology reduces vibration for 60%
• ArсticFlow™ Technology overcomes the cooling issues

OpenFlex NVMe Storage Solutions

For Massive Databases
Deep Enterprise Analytics (OLAP)
Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
Collaborative Video Editing

Western Digital OpenFlex Data24

All-flash Storage System Powered by RAIDIX
• Low latency of NVMe
• Up to 70 GB/s throughput
• Up to 13.2M IOPS
• Up to 368TB raw capacity in 2U enclosure

Western Digital OpenFlex E3000/F3200

All-flash Storage System Powered by RAIDIX
F3200 device

• Latency is under 40μs
• Up to 11.5 GB/s throughput
• Up to 2.3M IOPS
• Up to 61.4TB capacity
• Endurance: 0.8/2 DWPD
E3000 chassis

• NVMe-oF RoCE connectivity
• 10x F3200 devices inside

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