We help our service provider partners to build highly profitable and customizable datacenter solutions to provide their customers with top-notch hosting services.

RAIDIX ERA For Service Providers' Infrastructure

Effectively utilizes SSD drives potential, providing you with maximum IO per TB ratio on the market.

Increased performance per TB

More profit from your services

You'll get a hardware-agnostic storage solution and will pay no additional costs for the infrastructure upgrades.

Future-proof solution for easy upgrades

Gives you great cost savings due to the opportunity to replace RAID 10 with the enhanced RAID 5.
RAIDIX ERA server with directly attached NVMe drives is a useful and cost-effective building block for service providers' datacenters.

Powerful Software RAID For Service Provider Datacenters

With I/O handling parallelization and lockless datapath, RAIDIX ERA utilizes maximum of hardware performance capabilities to help you get the highest performance rate.
55.8 GBps
10 400 000 IOps
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Thanks to innovative RAIDIX ERA technologies, fault-tolerant RAID with parity can achieve up to 97% of sum performance of the used drives.
More VPS units per dedicated server in data center
VPS service is based on virtualizing a dedicated server and splitting its resources among the users. To provide necessary storage performance, this server usually employs RAID 10 for its solid state drives. But the number of redundant drives has a very negative impact on such cost-sensitive service.

Improving VPS Hosting

• Profitable performance/TB ratio for your servers
• More VPS units per dedicated server
• Best choice for expensive NVMe arrays
• Data center agility by using disaggregated NVMe resources

Enhanced RAID 5 by RAIDIX ERA gives you RAID 10 level performance and can save up to 50% of the SSDs costs

More VPS units per dedicated server in data center
Dedicated server hosting is about isolated server units, to which users get full access to configure it the way they really want. The service key principle is to find the most optimized and cost-effective server configurations and deliver them to the client. Price-performance ratio is the most important feature for this kind of appliance.

Improving Dedicated Server Hosting

• Additional profit from the same hardware setup
• More attractive server configurations in your portfolio
• Unique RAID level as a special offer for your clients
• Data center agility by using disaggregated NVMe resources

RAIDIX ERA gives you optimized flash utilization and brings maximum IOps with the lowest TB prices for SSD servers

Maximum IOps with the lowest TB prices for dedicated servers
RAIDIX ERA has unlimited product lifetime, is immune to physical damage and is not affected by hardware upgrades and modifications.

Future-proof Storage Solution


Software takes less than 20% CPU usage under maximum array loading. And less 4GB RAM is needed for full-featured work.
Wide range
of RAID levels

You able to create RAID with any necessary parity level:
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 7.3, 10, 50, 60, 70.
Any server

The solution easily works with any x86 server platforms from any vendor.

The solution is compatible with majority of file systems and server applications.
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