Removes performance bottleneck for your edge-servers, granting storage array with extremely low latency and high bandwidth.

RAIDIX ERA For Edge Computing

High bandwidth in limited form-factor

This software RAID was purposely developed for flash devices and can outperform alternatives by 2-4 times even with a small number of drives.

Near real-time response for your edge-devices

RAIDIX ERA grants your NVMe arrays with extremely low latency meeting the needs of the most demanding edge applications.

Outstanding efficiency for the rugged flash devices

For the severe edge environment you need a resilient flash-based storage array, and RAIDIX ERA software is the best way to make it productive.
In the near future the large part of the vast enterprises and technological leaders are going to generate data outside the traditional data centers and cloud, using edge computing as a general approach for their infrastructure.

Upcoming ERA of Edge Computing

Edge computing is about distributed infrastructure, when application servers take place right at the location, where edge devices and sensors gather and preprocess data for its further flow to the network.
Edge computing is about distributed infrastructure, when application servers take place right at the location
Opposite to traditional approach, edge servers are dedicated to operate in harsh environments, out of conventional data center protection. To make them durable enough for the sound, motion, trembling, thermal and magnetic impact, vendors build edge storage with solid state drives that can function reliably in such aggressive conditions.

Resilient for the Harsh Environments

Industrial IoT
Remote Stations
Smart Cities
Field Research
Autonomous Driving
Working with edge computing, the business can get advantages by reduced internet bandwidth and almost zero latency. But it works only when edge servers are equipped with fast and responsive storage arrays.
• Accelerate the AI-based applications
• Connect more edge devices to the server
• Run latency-sensitive operations with no doubts
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RAIDIX ERA is a powerful software RAID specifically designed for flash devices. It creates a fast and low latency SSD array for your edge server and removes the bottleneck for the edge application's workflow.
Removing Edge Server Bottleneck
Latency less 0.5ms
55.8 GBps
It can be illustrated by the following example. Let's compare three systems using eight drives (because of the size limits) based on 2GBps SSD (single drive capacity is 7.68 TB).

Thanks to innovative RAIDIX ERA technologies, fault-tolerant RAID with parity can achieve up to 97% of sum performance of the used drives.

(Other Solutions)
(Other Solutions)
Latency 1.1ms
53TB useful capacity
Latency 0.9ms
30TB useful capacity
Latency 0.4ms
53TB useful capacity
RAIDIX ERA provides you with disruptive storage technology to create high performance DataLogger for autonomous vehicles.

Data Loggers For Autonomous Vehicles

Eurotech DynaCOR 40-35 rugged HPEC Data Logger combines Eurotech computational platform with RAIDIX ERA software and Western Digital NVMe drives to deliver unprecedented storage capacity (up to 123TB) and sustained write speed (up to 80Gbit/s) in Autonomous Driving Level 5 applications.

RAIDIX ERA For Eurotech

Data Loggers For Autonomous Vehicles
Liquid-cooled High Performance Edge Computers for Extreme Use Conditions
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RAIDIX ERA has unlimited product lifetime, is immune to physical damage and is not affected by hardware upgrades and modifications.

Future-proof Storage Solution


Software takes less than 20% CPU usage under maximum array loading. And less 4GB RAM is needed for full-featured work.
Wide range
of RAID levels

You able to create RAID with any necessary parity level:
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 7.3, 10, 50, 60, 70.
Any server

The solution easily works with any x86 server platforms from any vendor.

The solution is compatible with majority of file systems and server applications.
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