RAIDIX ERA software makes your all-flash storage solutions unbelievably fast. Add more value to your products and strengthen your competitive positions!

Get Maximum Benefits From
Your All-Flash Products

1. Technology-Based
Competitive Advantage

Get much more performance from the same hardware platform.

2. Increased
Product Margin

Using hardware potential at full power, meet customer requirements and deliver product at lower costs.

3. Expanded
Sales Markets

Take part in the most sophisticated and demanding projects with world-class solutions.

Inherent Constraint of All-Flash Arrays

All-flash solutions usually employ top-notch hardware that promise high speed rates. But actually, flash drives within business environments always work in RAIDs, where they lose up to half of their declared performance. Therefore, system builders are forced to offer expensive solutions with undisclosed hardware potential.

RAIDIX ERA Improves Efficiency of All-Flash Storage

RAIDIX ERA is a software RAID that effectively works with SSD and NVMe drives. With I/O handling parallelization and lockless datapath, RAIDIX ERA utilizes maximum of hardware performance capabilities to help you get the highest performance rate.
55.8 GBps
10 400 000 IOps
RAIDIX ERA is purpose-built for new types of flash drives, with a strong attention to their architecture and data path features. That's why our NVMe arrays show almost full declared performance.

Taking Advantages of NVMe Parallelism

Other Solutions
800 000 IOps
4 800 000 IOps
up to 2 400 000 IOps
4 600 000 IOps
1x NVMe
6x NVMe
6x NVMe
drive (RAID 6)
NVMe usage in array
Comparing to the conventional software RAIDs, RAIDIX ERA has the same fault tolerance and 11-12GB/s throughput rate, but uses less drives.

Same Performance With Less Drives

(Other Solutions)
10 drives
(Other Solutions)
18 drives
16 drives
RAIDIX ERA is a lightweight software module with low requirements for CPU and RAM usage. It means you can insert in the system an average CPU and buy less RAM to get the same storage performance.

Less Load on the Computing Resources

(Other Solutions)
of drive and CPU costs
(Other Solutions)
of drive and CPU costs
of drive and CPU costs

Easy to Install.
Simple to Manage.

RAIDIX ERA is a small-sized module (less 5MB), which manages all-flash arrays and can be easily installed to the server OS. ERA Engine technology immediately gives your solution maximum efficiency of the solid state drives and increases performance even of the most heavy applications.

RAIDIX ERA works with any flash drive from any vendor, has unlimited product lifetime, is immune to physical damage and is not affected by hardware upgrades and modifications.

Success Stories

Liquid-cooled High Performance Edge Computers for Extreme Use Conditions
Eurotech DynaCOR 40-35 rugged HPEC Data Logger combines Eurotech computational platform with RAIDIX ERA software and Western Digital NVMe drives to deliver unprecedented storage capacity (up to 123TB) and sustained write speed (up to 80Gbit/s) in Autonomous Driving Level 5 applications.
Streaming analytics platform based on kdb+, the world's fastest time-series database
Kx employs RAIDIX ERA in its software R&D labs testing with some of the most demanding industrial IoT workloads and data volumes. With RAIDIX ERA, Kx improves write performance by 88% and sequential read performance by 39% compared to alternatives.

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