Remote Replication

Volume Replication is a technology of data synchronization between two storage systems (primary and secondary).
Remote Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication
RAIDIX employs Volume-based Replication to help you protect critical business data in case of natural and man-driven disasters.

RAIDIX Volume Replication can copy data over Local or Wide Area Network.

Implementation Area

Remote Volume Replication provides disaster recovery feature for client's IT infrastructure with valuable and critical business data. The principal idea of this feature is creating synchronized copies of data in secondary data center to lower impact of threats and risks such as floods, fires, earthquakes, man-driven accidents and other hardware collapses.

The distances between data centers and features of data transfer channels define appropriate mode — synchronous or asynchronous replication.
Remote Volume Replication Scheme

How remote volume replication works

How It Works

Remote Volume Replication requires at least two data storage systems which can be located in different data centers. Technology creates multiple, up-to-date copies of the data at a secondary storage and synchronizes it with primary copy over a local area network or wide area network by synchronous or asynchronous way.

Synchronous Replication — the confirmation of LUN write operation comes after confirmation on primary and secondary storages. This type of synchronization ensures data integrity, but can reduce total performance of the system. Therefore Synchronous Volume Replication is sensitive to network throughput and latency.

Asynchronous Replication — the confirmation of LUN write operation comes right after confirmation on primary storage. The primary storage monitors the changes and add them to replica on secondary system. Asynchronous mode allows to update replica without performance reduction.


Remote Volume Replication in RAIDIX storage has the following features:

• synchronous or asynchronous replication;
• distribution via LAN or WAN;
• simple adjustment: Volume Replication tool can be set up in a few minutes;
• high speed of replica creating and updating;
• fast synchronization after losing connection;
• online replica integrity check.
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