QoSmic automatically defines priorities of system applications with less administrator's engagement. Important business applications get higher priority while requests from service utilities and insignificant programs are reduced.
Automatically setting priorities of system applications with less administrator's engagement
When crucial application is turning off, its priority automatically removes.
QoSmic can be switched on and off depending on current circumstances.

Implementation Area

QoSmic efficiently solves the tasks in post-production and broadcasting sphere, it helps to optimize corporate business procedures and increases calculation performance in HPC. Technology implementation is very suitable for high demanding applications, especially in mode of shared access for workgroups. This software extension eliminates inefficient resource allocation of data storage and reduces administrator's operative work.

How It Works

The technology analyses the outgoing traffic patterns and automatically sets priority for appropriate initiator. In data storage system QoSmic embodied in three interconnected functional elements: Learning Module, Identification module, QoS Module.
Intellectual QoS (Quality of Service) technology implemented in data storage system

1. Learning Module. It introduces new application to our data storage system. Afterwards this application will be recognized by appropriate module.

2. Identification module. It scans the incoming signatures and recognizes application in real-time.

3. QoS Module. Based on application name list and established priority standards it sets priority for particular initiator.
Distinction Module employs Random Forest algorithm to identify the application in online mode. Then information moves to QoS Module which setting priority for initiator according application priority rate.


QoSmic intellectually employs software and hardware resources to optimize application workloads in data storage system. It can be possible thanks to following features:

• high speed and accuracy of application recognition (99,9%);
• different signatures can be recognized from one application;
• important and insignificant application can be recognized from one initiator;
• light weight of extension operation.

In addition, Identification module can be used for read-ahead operations.
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