Svetlana Lazareva, Head of RAIDIX Lab, To Lead United RAIDIX R&D Department


Lab team will join the production unit to accelerate the implementation of innovative algorithms.

RAIDIX, developer of storage management software, is taking a leap forward to boost RAIDIX 5 software release. The changes will significantly shorten the way for proprietary patented features to be applied in the next version of RAIDIX software. Teams merge will balance two equally important vectors of company focus, scientific research works, and application of production software.

Svetlana Lazareva, Ph.D. in Engineering Science, joined the company in 2014 as Head of RAIDIX Lab to manage the acquisition of patents, publication of research works, participation in international conferences and other tasks of the Lab team. She was the owner of RAIDIX ERA, hyperspeed software RAID for flash drives, recently featured at Intel library in view of joint tests with Intel Optane drives.

RAIDIX is planning to widen the range of scientific issues to be solved including mathematical algorithms for distributed storage systems, researches for the machine learning, software-defined storage, and others.