RAIDIX Video Storage Software — Milestone Verified


RAIDIX Video Storage has passed Milestone verification, bringing world-class performance and stability to XProtect® VMS (video management software) surveillance systems. Solution for 1000+ cameras is available in the official Milestone Marketplace®.

RAIDIX video storage software has been successfully tested for performance, functionality and compatibility with Milestone XProtect® VMS. Milestone confirms that verification documentation has been reviewed and RAIDIX storage is compatible with Milestone XProtect® version applied in the testing environment. Milestone verification confirms that RAIDIX video storage meets all necessary requirements to ensure uninterrupted operation of XProtect® VMS platform.

«Using RAIDIX software, our partners create high-performance and reliable surveillance solutions. We are happy, that from now on Milestone partners and clients will be able to see value of our products as well. We are ready to extend our partner network, share our expertise in the field of data storage and provide required technical support», comments Sergey Fedorov, VP International Sales at RAIDIX.

Best-in-class performance of RAIDIX video storage is perfect for XProtect® VMS platform, enabling all features of analytical video surveillance software, including motion detection. RAIDIX provides a video surveillance system with enough performance capacity to endure even in case of drives failures or peak loads, which is especially important to support safety of people and protection of the property.

Milestone XProtect® VMS combines hardware and software components for surveillance systems into an ideal solution. RAIDIX storage ensures stable recording speed without frame losses even during peak loads and creates high bandwidth for thousands of HD cameras, connected through dozens of servers.

Compared to surveillance solutions with similar performance and functionality, RAIDIX-based systems need less server platforms and less drives as the video archive grows. Innovative RAID technologies, implemented in RAIDIX software, allow better usage of the system hardware and significantly reduce capital costs.

Milestone XProtect® VMS was developed by video surveillance experts and introduced to the global market over 20 years ago. To date, there are more than 500,000 installations around the world, from small shops to universities, stadiums and cities.

Architecture of XProtect® open platform encourages a large community of camera manufacturers, application vendors, and software developers to create collaborative solutions and extensions for XProtect®. Milestone Marketplace® meets the needs of established third-party video management applications, hardware and services that work with XProtect®.

Milestone Systems is a global leading VMS provider. The company designs, develops and produces world-leading IP-based video management solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes.