RAIDIX Shares the Principles behind the Fastest Software RAID


Catch up on our latest webinar by Dmitrii Smirnov, Principal Software Developer at RAIDIX Lab.

In attempts to empower the storage software with the same high speed, as hardware is able to provide, RAIDIX Lab is responding to one of the up-to-date storage tasks. In the recent online talk, Dmitrii Smirnov, presenter at Flash Memory Summit 2018, described the ground rules of creating RAIDIX ERA technology, NVMe RAID with the highest speed in the industry. These are flexibility, lightweight, high speed on mixed workload and compatibility.

To get the desired performance, RAIDIX Lab came up with the new calculation engine, fast and simple, with Lockless datapath to ensure prompt handling of input/output requests, while implemented dynamic mapping algorithm preserves data integrity. Certain technologies require a lot of CPU and RAM resources, but RAIDIX ERA technology is different. It requires 4 GB RAM only and has no scheduling and context switching (slow and specific operations), saving CPU resources for additional applications.

The innovations are realized in the software RAID architecture presented by Linux kernel module. RAIDIX ERA technology provides local block device to user and works with local or remote NVMe drives, from any transport. It is compatible with all types of NVMe drives, from any vendor and is able to provide at least 5 million IOps and 35 GB/s per single node.

Extra speed, lightweight and unique algorithms of RAIDIX ERA technology are used in All-Flash installations for real-time operations with extra-large databases. As part of the complex solution, RAIDIX ERA technology has been tested and implemented by RAIDIX partners in North America.

To learn more about RAIDIX approach to the software RAID, watch the record of the webinar on our YouTube channel.