RAIDIX Releases a Series of Media & Entertainment Storage Solutions


RAIDIX has developed a series of storage systems for the Media & Entertainment industry in partnership with Proware.

StorIX Series, a joint product of Proware and RAIDIX, is raising high interest on the market. StorIX series storage is tailor made for the Media and Entertainment industry and can be used as a direct attached system (DAS), as well as a SAN or NAS appliance

StorIX Series fully meets the demands of real-time multi-stream environments for HD, 2K, 4K and 3D workflows. Delivering high-bandwidth (up to 1,500 MB/sec R/W and low-latency, system provides guaranteed performance, unbeatable reliability and serviceability, even if three hard drives fail.

The functional specifications, such as a scalable storage capacity (up to 1020 TB raw space estimated High speed of array reconstruction (*) without sacrificing performance, QoS, cache workload optimization, etc., distinguish StorIX among similar systems, boosting the efficiency of the post-production process.

«A number of Korean Media & Post-Production market companies are already interested in StorIX. At the present time, negotiations on the product transfer for demo testing are being held. However, we know our collaboration with Proware will soon be appreciated in other countries. We are constantly monitoring market trends, exploring and modifying the product to fit the requirements of the end users,” – commented on the release of StorIX Series Victor Kruglikov, RAIDIX’s Business Development Director in the APAC region.

* up to 6 times faster in comparison to hardware controllers