RAIDIX Presented A Top-Notch Solution For Service Providers At Data Technology Solutions Event


The company also revealed key competitive features of RAIDIX ERA and the product’s roadmap for the next few months.

Data Technology Solutions, an interactive virtual event by Western Digital India, took place on June 24th, 2021. During the event, Western Digital’s partners, such as storage service providers and system integrators, had a chance to find out about the newest hardware and software technologies that are necessary for getting more profit in the time of global dynamic shift from SAS and SATA solutions to NVMe drives.

As an Alliance Partner, RAIDIX presented the benefits of the RAIDIX-Western Digital technical partnership and unveiled RAIDIX ERA’s roadmap for the next few months. Vladimir Kasatkin, RAIDIX Business Development Director, revealed in his presentation how RAIDIX ERA can meet the challenges to modern data centers and how it outperforms the alternative solutions using the same set of hardware.

Follow the link to see the presentation on YouTube.

About the product

RAIDIX ERA is a software RAID, designed to be employed with the new types of SSD and NVMe drives. It brings greater performance including collecting and processing more data with higher velocity from connected devices, capturing, storing, and processing millions of events and measurements per second, delivering faster responses to the analytics and query requests for insights and machine learning applications.