RAIDIX Launches New Release of RAIDIX ERA Software for Flash Drives


RAIDIX ERA 2.0 is an upgraded software to build fast and fault-tolerant RAID arrays based on NVMe, SAS and SATA drives.

RAIDIX ERA 2.0 improves productivity of RAID arrays for various workload patterns. New version of the software actively employs available calculating resources during both full load and underload so to make “lazy” RAID work all the time.

Comparing to 1.0 release, RAIDIX ERA 2.0 shows advanced performance as of sequential write operations with the small data blocks. New sequence detector precisely determinates the type of the write requests — sequential or random — and combines them appropriately. As a result, number of read-modify-write operations drops which increases performance of the whole storage system. And keep in mind that this is happening at speed of NVMe drives!

RAIDIX ERA 2.0 also rises the productivity for workloads with the small number of threads with the help of scheduling I/O parameter. This parameter is used for some types of workload when it transfers the requests to CPU cores that can do the processing faster. For major types of workload, I/O are managed at the exactly same CPU cores, where they were received — this algorithm was implemented in RAIDIX ERA 1.0.

The tests proved that RAIDIX ERA 2.0 is 120 times more productive comparing to mdraid and Intel VROC for random write operations with 4KiB data blocks. Tests were completed with FIO 3.1, Western Digital Serv24 server platform and Ultrastar® DC SN620 drives (3.2TB/1.2DWD).

Tests system parameters:
OS: Linux CentOS 7.5
SERVER PLATFORM: Western Digital Serv24
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8160 CPU @ 2.10GHz x 2
Hyper Threading Enabled, С-States Disabled
DRIVES: Ultrastar® DC SN620 (3.2TB/1.2DWD) x 24

RAIDIX ERA is used to create software RAID arrays and ensures maximum read and write speed exceeding 35 GBps and 4 500 000 IOps per one RAID 6 group. High productivity is achieved thanks to even utilization of calculation load upon processing cores and LockLess architecture that helps to avoid block of data segments.

Free license of RAIDIX ERA 2.0 software is available upon request at RAIDIX website.