RAIDIX is Now Compatible with QLogic 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapters


The recent release of RAIDIX 3.3 storage software introduces support and full compatibility with 2500 Series 8Gb Fibre Channel adapters from QLogic, the industry leader in Fibre Channel adapters.

NABShow, the world’s largest electronic media show is just around the corner taking place in Las Vegas April 5-10, thus the news of the two companies’ product compatibility comes at the right time. RAIDIX software supports iSCSI, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand interfaces. However, Fibre Channel offers optimal balance of price and performance and is a perfect solution for certain tasks, as it offers less hardware overhead and therefore higher speed at a better price, essential elements when processing professional media content. Post-production tasks like video editing, color grading, and special effects need simultaneous access from many users to the storage system without delay, even in large data transfers. Fibre Channel MPIO functionality increases bandwidth and facilitates multi-client connectivity while increasing data availability.

RAIDIX and QLogic OEM components, combined in one storage server, avoid performance bottlenecks typical in standard enterprise storage solutions and create truly professional storage for a variety of media applications.

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