RAIDIX Introduces More Productive and Stable Software RAID


New levels of RAID arrays and improved partial reconstruction in RAIDIX ERA 3.0.

RAIDIX ERA is a software module used to build ultrafast RAID arrays on the basis of the solid-state drives. Compared to previous releases, RAIDIX ERA 3.0 introduces several improvements to enhance the productivity and reliability of ERA-based storage solutions.

New levels of RAID arrays — RAID 10, 50, 60, 70 — available with 3.0 release, enhance overall system performance while operating with different load patterns. Moreover, renewed partial reconstruction makes RAID arrays resist single input/output errors.

RAIDIX ERA 3.0 also includes an email notification system to warn the user about changes in RAID arrays. With LED management functionality, the user can proactively react to these changes, while indicators on the drives show online/offline status of the device.

RAIDIX ERA technology is used to create storage systems where high performance is crucial: AI, HPC, IoT, VR/AR, high-load RDBMS, and NoSQL clusters. It gets the maximum out of NVMe and SSD devices and provides the highest speed of data read and write operations in mixed modes that exceed 35 GBps and 4,500,000 IOPS per one RAID 6 group, in recovery mode as well. Employing RAIDIX ERA instead of hardware RAID controllers helps to speed up server hardware.