RAIDIX helps the world to see the Olympics


RAIDIX-powered storage systems enable TV channels to seamlessly perform preproduction for timely and stunning broadcasts of the Sochi 2014 Games.

The Olympics attract huge TV audiences from all around the globe. World-class broadcasting companies allow fans to be part of the Olympic experience from thousands of miles away. To effectively deliver this experience to viewers, a highly-sophisticated IT infrastructure is needed.

Vasily Kicknadze, CEO of Sports Broadcasting Company, notes that his channel’s Olympic broadcast effort compromises twelve onsite TV Stations. These stations generate and transmit HD video content 24/7 to keep pace with the large array of content demanded by consumers. In order to access and process a 4000 hour video archive in less than a minute, Olympic broadcasters require an innovative data storage and management system.

The core of Sports Broadcasting Company’s Olympic content storage architecture is managed by RAIDIX Media software. RAIDIX Media software solutions allow the highest speed of data transfer between video editing workstations and storage drives. The software seamlessly processes high-density video captured by cutting-edge HD cameras, depicting the vivid details of one of the world’s greatest sporting events. Given these benefits, RAIDIX Media powered storage appliances were the premier choice at Sochi 2014 and continue to serve the specific needs of professionals in the dynamic media industry.