RAIDIX has Certified RAIDIX ERA 1.0 for Western Digital Ultrastar Serv24 Platform


RAIDIX ERA and Western Digital Ultrastar Serv24 is a perfect union to reveal true speed of NVMe technology.

Western Digital server platform is specially designed for Software Defined Storage and is equipped with 2 CPU Intel Xeon Platinum 8160, 24 NVMe drives Ultrastar DC SN620 NVMe SSD 3.2TB and RAM amounting to 256GB. The platform allows installation of two additional network adapters.

New symbiotic solution is strongly wanted for innovative projects based on IOT, VR, AI technologies as well as operating with 8K and 16k video.

“We oversee this new interface creating new challenges for storage software companies. At the moment Raidix key development is fully focused on promising NVMe and NVRAM features,” — Sergey Platonov, Raidix Deputy General Manager for strategy.

RAIDIX ERA 1.0 throughput amounts to 21.5 GBps (read and write in RAID 6). Performance tests that were completed according to SNIA SSS PTSe v.1.1 methodology showed the following results of 1 array random read:


RANDOM READS 4k – 5 600 000 IOPS

Mixed RW 70/30 4k – 1 560 000 IOPS


RANDOM READS 4k – 5 600 000 IOPS

Mixed RW 70/30 4k – 1 980 000 IOPS

Raidix team proceeds with development of new software products:

  • RAIDIX ERA, software RAID for Local Storage, which is designed specifically for NVMe and NVM over fabrics technologies.
  • RAIDIX 5, OS for AllFlash and hybrid SAN/NAS storage.
  • RAIDIX RAIN, distributed block storage system.

Technological partnership of Western Digital and Raidix companies allows achieving the best results in the field of data storage solutions and being confident with the quality of the final solutions.