RAIDIX granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office


Read-ahead is a caching technology that analyzes workload and predicts which fragment of data will be requested in future. Then, for overall system acceleration, the data is cached on a faster RAM or SSD. Even though the technology has been implemented in a variety of data storage solutions, improving read-ahead remains an important objective.

As a result of intensive research and development effort undertaken in the company’s laboratory, RAIDIX engineers have developed a new approach to operating data intervals. The unique method is implemented in RAIDIX products for software defined storage solutions and brings better data accessibility to businesses depending on huge volumes of critical data (media production, video surveillance, data centers).

The patent is accessible via the link:

About RAIDIX product
RAIDIX 5.X enables customers to deploy all-flash and hybrid storage with high-speed block (SAN) and file (NAS) access. Empowered by innovative RAID technologies RAIDIX storage provides stable performance for data intensive tasks and keeps integrity of a business workflow.