RAIDIX ERA Delivers Enhanced Performance For Kx Streaming Analytics Platform In Storage RAID Environments


RAIDIX, a developer of innovative software solutions for storage systems, reports excellent results of applying its ERA technology to the Kx streaming analytics platform. The platform’s write performance has increased by 88%, while sequential read performance is higher by 39% compared to the alternatives.

RAIDIX ERA is a software RAID, designed to be employed with the new types of SSD and NVMe drives. Built with special focus to the architecture and data path features of the new memory devices, ERA makes NVMe-based storage deliver almost full declared performance of the storage hardware. RAIDIX ERA technology is used in high-performance storage sub-systems of the kind required to support large data volumes and ensure low latency query workloads on the Kx platform.

ERA technology is used by Kx in its R&D labs for tests under demanding industrial IoT workloads using large data volumes. With RAIDIX ERA, Kx has improved write performance by 88%, and sequential read performance by 39%, and has lowered overall latency compared to the alternatives, enabling customers to process more data volumes with zero changes to their existing infrastructure.

”Generating greater value from and reducing the TCO of existing infrastructure investments has long been the goal of RAIDIX software, and this has been proven by numerous implementations. Working with Kx, we have demonstrated that we can significantly accelerate the operational and analytical capabilities of complex databases,” comments Sergey Fedorov, VP International Sales, RAIDIX.

Kx is designed for critical real-time performance with extreme scalability to support continuous actionable intelligence. The platform is built on kdb+, an ultra-high-performance time series relational and columnar database designed for rapid analytics on large scale datasets in motion and at rest. The columnar design of kdb+ means it offers greater speed and efficiency than typical relational databases and its native support for time-series operations vastly improves both the speed and performance of queries, aggregation, and analysis of structured data.

Kx can be deployed in the field, factory, on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid configuration and is ideally suited for ingesting, storing, processing, and analyzing streaming and historical data in context from IoT sensors and enterprise systems. It delivers significant improvements to critical processes and systems at unmatched performance, scalability and fault resilience at levels demanded by today’s zero-fault manufacturing environments.

RAIDIX ERA brings greater performance including collecting and processing more data with higher velocity from connected devices, capturing, storing and processing of millions of events and measurements per second, delivering faster responses to the analytics and query requests for insights and machine learning applications.

For more information about the implementation please refer to the full case study.