RAIDIX and Seagate Demonstrate Advantages of Joint Solutions for Hybrid Storage Systems


Successful alliance of Seagate Exos hybrid drives and RAIDIX 4.7 storage management software is proved by completed tests and certification.

RAIDIX 4.7 and Seagate Exos proved to be the perfect combination to transform general-purpose servers into high-performance hybrid storage systems that operate block and file protocols. Results of the tests indicate hybrid drives ramp up the system input-output speed and make the storage up to 150 times faster over to the usual drives. Acceleration achieves 250 000 IO operations per 1 controller during the peak loads. The tests were conducted according to SNIA methodology that guarantees repeat accuracy of the results.

Costs of newly introduced storage pack will be significantly lower comparing to already present at the market. As the most expedient for mixed IO patterns and great at handling unexpected max loads, storage solutions will find the most use in data centers and large enterprises.

“We engineered our first project based on hybrid Seagate drives for the privately owned data center several years ago together with our partner from South Korea. At that time, we used Oracle Union benchmark and results we got were as high as All Flash. Upon completion of joint tests with Seagate team, we have hardware specification recommended for our partners”, — comments Rufat Ibragimov, lead of RAIDIX implementation and support team.

Seagate Exos bring all advantages of hybrid drives without additional expenditure on storage licenses and resources for metadata mirroring. The cost of storage is equitable to HDD drives, though Seagate proves performance of All Flash during the peak loads. Each drive is 16 Gb capacity of eMLC type which makes possible to choose the best Flash/HDD range. Combination of hybrid architecture and tools for quality monitoring (RAIDIX QoSmic) allocate resources to the most important applications.

RAIDIX team signed off recommendations for Seagate Exos hybrid storage drives to be used for high performance storage systems that combine low storage costs and high performance.

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