RAIDIX 5.0.1 Release Introduces All Flash Storage Functionality


RAIDIX, innovative developer of storage software used by the businesses worldwide, opens up new horizons with its newly introduced 5th generation of managing software for hybrid storage systems. RAIDIX 5.0.1 is optimized for all types of workloads and combines unique proprietary technologies to get the most speed and stability from HDD and SSD drives. RAIDIX SDS guarantees storage performance and therefore ensures uninterrupted continuity of business processes according to the highest industry standards.

RAIDIX 5.0.1 employs ERA Engine technology, precisely designed by RAIDIX in-house research lab. New integrated engine is used to create high-speed All Flash storage systems that show up to 5 mln IOps, making RAIDIX perfectly suitable for highly loaded databases, financial transactions systems and workplace virtualization services (VDI). ERA Engine maximizes capabilities of flash drives and triggers significant increase in the overall storage performance that reduces IOps/$ cost compared to the classic software RAIDs.

RAIDIX 5.0.1 is the largest software update throughout the last 5 years of our development. We have completely redefined our approach to data path execution. We encourage our partners worldwide to create the best storage systems in the market employing RAIDIX together with various tools for business digitalization, including deep learning and machine learning technologies. RAIDIX 5.0.1 is our first step towards revolutionary solutions for private and public clouds, based on the new architectures”, comments Sergey Platonov, VP Strategy, RAIDIX.

RAIDIX 5.0.1 RAID arrays have become more resilient to single IO failures, that, according to the latest studies, are more frequent than failures of the entire drives. Latent sector errors can appear during storage operation and usually lead to array loss, but RAIDIX 5.0.1 handles dozens of them and keeps RAIDs running. To find out IO failures and correct them, an improved RAIDIX reconstruction mechanism scans every drive independently at a much higher speed. The reconstruction feature is especially effective for handling large volumes of data and systems with a significant number of drives, that are mostly used by Media & Entertainment companies, for building and managing large-scale video surveillance systems, in research centers and universities.

RAIDIX 5.0.1 supports iSER protocol (iSCSI Extensions for RDMA) that is used to operate databases, virtual environments, cloud services and web applications. iSER is actually a transport between the system and the initiators, providing high performance with lower load on the processor.

Monitoring of RAIDIX-based storage operations has become simpler with SNMP v.2/v.3  support and real-time notifications sent-out about system parameters and operation statuses. RAIDIX web interface has become more convenient; the list of supported equipment has been traditionally expanded.

RAIDIX 5.0.1 implements additional technologies to preserve the data and ensure increased storage reliability with new drives monitoring features. Scheduled scans are extremely useful for proactive error detection in the large systems where access to certain data sets, such as archive copies, content repositories, is rare. Scheduled integrity scans and drive status monitoring (including SSD wear check) are performed in the background.

RAIDIX 5.0.1 introduces RAID 50, 60, and 70 — new levels of RAID arrays that provide better performance with less data access latency for write intensive storages or systems with mixed load: post production, virtualization, SQL and noSQL databases.