Performance of ERA 3.1 for Flash Drives Goes Over 10 Mln IOps


ERA is a software RAID for flash drives that uses up to 97% of maximum total hardware potential. With parallelized computation and lockless architecture, ERA brings up the full speed of all-flash devices to skyrocket storage performance. This is absolutely essential in large systems for enterprise infrastructures, HPC-computing, and for companies in M&E industry.

Recently released ERA 3.1 is perfectly optimized for high-load databases, with more stable and faster RAIDs. In order to challenge ERA performance capabilities and explore technology opportunities, it has been tested in the lab of Boston Limited company, a world-known supplier of hardware from the industry’s top names. Testing results are unprecedented: over 10 mln IOps per one RAID within the system including 20 Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN640 drives operating in polling mode, Linux IO interface, Supermicro platform and Intel Xeon Gold 6240 CPU. After additional tuning, ERA-based RAIDs are able to process even the partial load more than 3 times faster: system performance is up to 1 Mln IOps with the queue as short as only 4 requests, with extremely low latency.

Compared to the earlier product releases, ERA 3.1 supports RAIDs 10, 50, 60 and 70 — additional array levels, recommended for large installations containing more than 16 drives. They are especially effective for large M&E projects, such as production and delivery of large multimedia content.

In order to make RAIDs more resilient, RAIDIX team has also improved partial reconstruction feature. Major technology update allows handling multiple errors on the drives simultaneously with the help of separate reconstruction cards and keeps RAIDs online. Import of RAIDs, used to combine multiple ERA systems into one, works better in the new release as well.

«Advanced RAID import and improved partial reconstruction technologies will be the most useful in disaggregated data centers, where drives are connected to the servers through high-performance networks. Resources in these systems are often “floating” among the applications — new ERA has been designed to work with that in the most effective way», — comments Sergey Platonov, VP Strategy and Product Owner, RAIDIX.

System monitoring has become easier with new notification service: RAIDs updates and statues can now be received by mail. Storage administrators can also monitor status of the drives with the help of LED indicators.

RAIDIX partners use ERA technology in complex solutions for the clients worldwide, where performance matters. RAIDIX ERA 3.1 is used in RAIDIX 5.X software release, developed for operation with both HDDs and SSDs. Development if the next ERA 3.2 release is ongoing, the launch is scheduled for the Q4 2020.