New RAIDIX 5.X Software Update For Building High-Performance Storage Systems Released


The key changes in the RAIDIX 5.1 release concern the architecture of providing fault tolerance of data storage systems, and integration with the VMware hypervisor and All-Flash configurations.

With the new features, RAIDIX 5.1 users will be able to achieve even greater system performance and reliability. The implemented technologies shift the load from hosts to storage systems and provide additional customization options in comparison with previous versions of RAIDIX 5.X.

The product’s updates significantly expand its usage scenarios for the following customers:

  • video surveillance service providers,
  • video production studios,
  • research and medical centers,
  • private data centers.

What’s New in RAIDIX 5.1

  • Improved Active-Active architecture of the storage cluster. Both controllers are now able to accept requests to virtual volumes. This allows the system to remain operational and to access data in the event of a failure of one of the I / O ports. This feature is implemented using the ALUA architecture, which makes it possible to redirect I / O of the same virtual volume to any storage controller.
  • Enhanced integration with the VMware hypervisor through the development of VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration) support. This set of specialized commands allows conducting a part of the I / O operations not on the virtualization server, but on the data storage system, thereby reducing the load on the components of both the server and the storage network.

Significant improvements have also been made to the All-Flash optimized software kernel.

  • 512-byte block support makes the data storage system compatible with VMware.
  • The restriping function allows adding drives to an existing array by expanding its size or changing a RAID level.
  • Supporting RAID N + M gives users the ability to select the number of disks allocated for checksums’ storage. The unique RAIDIX technology allows data recovery in case of failure of up to 32 disks (depending on the number of disks allocated for checksums).

About the product

RAIDIX 5.X enables you to deploy all-flash and hybrid storage with a high-speed block (SAN) and file (NAS) access. Empowered by innovative RAID technologies, RAIDIX storage provides stable performance for data-intensive tasks and keeps the integrity of your business workflow.