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22-06-2017 Webinar. RAIDIX and AC&NC: Cut your storage costs by 70 percent! Solutions and case studies


Date: 22 June 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 11 AM EDT (Eastern US time).

Who is the audience?

Customers of data storage systems: IT directors, CIOs, CTOs, system administrators in data-intensive industries.

What is it about?

RAIDIX is high-performance data storage management software employed by thousands of end customers across the globe. RAIDIX offers tailored solutions to Enterprise, Media & Entertainment, Video Surveillance, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and other data-rich industries.

RAIDIX has partnered with AC&NC (JetStor) in the US for over five years. JetStor appliances powered by RAIDIX deliver peak IOPs and GB/s in data-intensive environments and post over 1,000+ implementations in North America and across the globe.

Where RAIDIX excels?

  • SAN solution powered by RAIDIX — for M&E, RAIDIX NAS — for clustered infrastructures (HPC and beyond)
  • RAIDIX SAN and NAS for multi-streaming tasks (CCTV/Video Surveillance)
  • RAIDIX SAN for high-speed shared access to content (M&E)
  • RAIDIX NAS for Backup and Virtualization (Enterprise)

Join the webinar hosted by AC&NC and RAIDIX and find high-density and high performance solutions for your IT struggles – with the best bang for the buck!

Webinar agenda:

  • The Software-Defined RAIDIX Storage: Case studies and business impact
  • JetStor iSCSI, FC SAN, SAS, NAS storage systems addressing cutting edge application workloads
  • Next steps: Test, Deploy, Maintain.

The webinar is free. All you need to do is register in advance and get your link!