EchoStreams and RAIDIX are Shipping Solutions for Advanced Hollywood Studios


EchoStreams and RAIDIX created joint solutions for storage and media applications combining hardware from EchoStreams and management software from RAIDIX. Partners are aiming to deliver cost-effective high performance and most reliable solutions to Hollywood-based post-production facilities.

Back with a strong long-term partnership, EchoStreams and RAIDIX are excited to deliver the best tools for creative leaders in the entertainment market. Successfully deployed top-notch storage tools ensure reliable workloads and provide expertise with the latest technologies in storage and networking (iSCSI, FC, IB) necessary for future-proof platforms.

FlacheSAN2-D5 server from EchoStreams all-flash storage array, supplemented with RAIDIX management software, is a simple yet powerful platform with unlimited HDD expansion, that allows cost-effective IT infrastructure Media Asset Management (MAM). RAIDIX software license is supplemented with QoSmic add-on and allows automatic QoS provisioning to ensure the optimal performance. Technical team provide client support in 24/7 mode.

RAIDIX data storage is well-known for the best-in-class reliability and consistency in handling high-speed sequential workloads, thereby enabling highest efficiency and unlimited creativity for the clients.

Furthering future collaboration, RAIDIX and EchoStreams are jointly developing new solutions with NVMe technology that will take full advantage of NVMe features such as low latencies and higher bandwidth. RAIDIX ERA and EchoStreams FlacheSAN1N20U-UN is a combined solution that will unleash full potential of NVMe technology. Benchmark testing results will be available at RAIDIX and EchoStreams websites soon.

EchoStreams is a custom OEM/ODM data solutions provider that focuses primarily on server and data storage technologies for the fastest growing verticals in today’s digital era. Applications include cloud, datacenters, video processing, telecommunications, and HPC. Solutions from EchoStreams deliver top-tier performance and unmatched reliability, surpassing all others in capability and cost-effectiveness.