Meet RAIDIX 4.7 — New Release of Software for Effective Management of Data Storage Systems


New version of software from RAIDIX team provides additional storage reliability, faster operation with files and extended support of new adapters.

RAIDIX 4.7 implements synchronous and asynchronous remote data mirroring, which allows creating disaster-proof solutions and ensure increased data protection.

Functionality of the software is supplemented with connection to LDAP servers for general user access to NFS folders. Support of the following components is added as well: SAS LSI 9400 controllers, FC QLogic QLE 269х adapters and NFS v.4 protocol for NAS service.

Storage OS can be updated to RAIDIX 4.7 from RAIDIX 4.6.1 without software reinstallation. System update to 4.7 is also possible from 4.4.4 directly, which is extremely important, given the large installation base of this software version.

RAIDIX 4.7 licenses with support as part of the complex storage systems can be purchased from Raidix partners worldwide. Raidix software is installed directly on standard server equipment and allows to build fault-tolerant high-performance data storage systems for resource-intensive industries.