RAIDIX Releases Free License of New Software RAID for NVME Storage Devices


RAIDIX ERA, brand new product specially designed for NVMe storage drives and new types of storage interconnect, proves record speed of read and write operations.

RAIDIX ERA aims to maximize potential of NVMe-compliant equipment widely used as part of server hardware distributed by all major manufacturers. Tested read and write speed exceeds 35 GBps and 4 500 000 IOps per one RAID 6 group consisting of 10 drives installed in 1U size box.

Maximum productivity is reached by means of IO parallel processing — developed algorithms distribute application workload by a number of simultaneous threads, utilizing all CPU cores evenly. RAIDIX ERA demonstrates effective workflow with active Intel Hyper-Threading (or similar) technology — performance will be increased by 20 percent once the feature is enabled.

Due to unique checksum calculation approach each CPU core provides up to 30 GBps recovery speed. Engineered Lockless architecture eliminates delays caused by data segment locking during parallel processing.

Outstanding software solution, being unique in the international storage market, unites high speed and flexibility. It can be installed directly on the servers equipped with flash drives slots. Apart from NVMe, RAIDIX ERA is compatible with the entire number of SAS and SATA solid state drives.

RAIDIX ERA will find use in enterprise businesses, video productions and HPC where speed of storage system is crucial. Try RAIDIX ERA software for NVMe, SAS or SATA flash drives for free – it is fully prepared for real hard work.