RAIDIX ERA Sets New Standard of Productivity for NVMe Compliant Software


Radix research lab has conducted comparative software testing by SNIA methodology: RAIDIX ERA is more than 8 times faster than similar solutions.

Testing was based on hardware from Intel, currently one of the leading manufacturers of NVMe components. Test platform used Intel Server System equipped with 12 hot plug drives and 2 Intel Xeon Gold processors.

RAIDIX ERA performance was measured in comparison with the most common software arrays — MDRAID and RAIDZ2. The number of input/output operations, latency and throughput was evaluated for each software product. The overall performance of RAIDIX ERA when working with the 4k block size is close to the speed of hardware platform and is more than 2 times faster than MD RAID 6 for read operations and more than 8 times for mixed load and write operations.

Sergey Platonov, RAIDIX Deputy GM for Strategy, shares the story behind RAIDIX ERA development: “Present software for NVMe drives can not keep up the speed of the hardware, while the market of solutions that support and develop NVMe technology is growing rapidly”.

Popular common software RAID arrays for NVMe devices can not make full use of hardware platforms. RAIDIX ERA shows a few million IOps read/write speed on the arrays with Parity in mixed modes and provides threaded performance from 30GBps, during drives failure and recovery as well.

Free RAIDIX ERA license for NVMe and SSD drives is available for download at Raidix website.