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Data storage vendor RAIDIX signed up with a Brazilian system integrator Submarinavis


RAIDIX has signed a partner agreement with a Brazilian company Submarinavis, provider of IT solutions for enterprises and professional verticals handling major data volumes. Submarinavis has operated on the Brazilian market for over 10 years, the integrator’s line-up encompasses the largest software and hardware brands. By offering RAIDIX-powered data storage to end customers, the partner promotes a flexible hardware-agnostic technology with top performance showings in the industry.

Submarinavis is engaged in Identity & Access Management, Performance Monitoring, Data Protection, Database Management, Remote Administration, and Data Storage. RAIDIX enables the system integrator to regulate the turnkey solution budget at the design stage, resolve specific customer tasks, and define optimal configurations for managing various types of workloads.

RAIDIX-based data storage systems reveal record sustainable performance and data availability (99,9999 and higher), offer an integrated cluster-in-a-box technology, comply with the most stringent industry standards, and commit to a reliable storage configuration – with average TCOs 70 percent lower compared to industrial systems.

Both professional segments and the enterprise sector require cost-effective software-defined solutions to avoid vendor lock-in. The RAIDIX technology aims to solve scalability issues and the problem of managing siloed storage appliances from multiple vendors.

The latest version 4.5 encompasses a number of improvements that boost performance in the multi-stream mode, deliver higher read and write speeds with small blocks, and enable virtualization of block storage systems. Storage resources can be forwarded directly via RAIDIX or used in a unified resource pool for creating RAIDIX volumes. Thus, the administrator has the opportunity to centralize all storage resources in a single access point, ensuring greater flexibility of IT infrastructure management.

By leveraging commodity-off-the-shelf hardware and the RAIDIX software, Submarinavis gives the customer an opportunity to flexibly adjust RAIDs in compliance with an existing IT architecture. In addition, RAIDIX allows the user to install professional software right on the storage node with no need for extra equipment.