RAIDIX ERA Product Lifecycle


The document describes RAIDIX ERA software life cycle, guidelines for numeration of software releases and stages of software releases support.

Software Releases

Release Structure

  • Major Release
  • Minor Release
  • Maintenance Release

Release Numbering

  • Major Release — 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, etc.
  • Minor Release — 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.
  • Maintenance Release — 3.1.1, 3.2.1, 3.3.1, etc.

Product Life Cycle

Product life cycle is defined by RAIDIX Company for every software generation. Every software generation might include several software releases. Each software release undergoes three stages of product support:

  • Full Support
  • Maintenance Support
  • End-of-Life

Full support is available only for the latest software release. Issue of the next major/ minor/ maintenance software release automatically moves the prior release from the Full Support stage to the Maintenance Support stage.

RAIDIX company provides access to perform update of RAIDIX ERA software up to the latest software release (as part of one software generation) within the Full Support stage.

At its discretion, RAIDIX company is able to provide upgrade to the newest generation from the last release of the previous generation. (For instance, RAIDIX ERA 2.0 can be updated to the first major release — RAIDIX ERA 3.1.0). RAIDIX company reserves the right to restrict updates of functionality between the software generations.

Product Support Stages

Full Support Stage

Software release under the Full Support stage is available for sale and it obtains technical support services according to the actual Technical Support Guide.

All system errors revealed within the Full Support stage can be fixed in the upcoming major/ minor/ maintenance release. Decision on including the fixes into particular release is made by RAIDIX company. At its discretion, RAIDIX company can also issue system fixes for the earlier software releases.

Maintenance Support Stage

Software release under the Maintenance Support stage is not available for sale, but it still obtains technical support services according to the actual Technical Support Guide.

In order to resolve system errors revealed in software release within the Maintenance Support stage, the system must be updated to software release under the Full Support stage. If the current issues are not fixed by the updates, RAIDIX company might decide to include system error fixes into the next major/ minor/ maintenance release.

End-of-Life Stage

Software release during its End-of-Life stage is not supported by RAIDIX company. Customers also cannot buy technical support services for this stage releases.

Support periods for RAIDIX ERA software

Table 1 contains end dates of Full and Maintenance Support stages for each software release.
Table 1

Software Release Release Date Expiration Date of Full Support Expiration Date of Maintenance Support*
2.0 21.03.2019 16.06.2020 16.06.2021
3.0 17.09.2019 16.06.2020 16.06.2021
3.1.1 16.06.2020 15.01.2021 15.01.2022
3.2 15.01.2021 31.03.2021 31.03.2023
3.2.1 31.03.2021 15.06.2021 15.06.2023
3.3 15.06.2021 the date of the new version release 15.06.2026

* the date can be adjusted depending on new product releases

RAIDIX ERA Software Update Scenarios

Table 2 contains current update scenarios for RAIDIX ERA software releases.
Table 2

Software Release Next To-Update Software Release
2.0 3.1.1
3.1.1 3.2
3.2 3.2.1, 3.3
3.2.1 3.3