RAIDIX 4.7 Product Features and Manuals


New version of software from RAIDIX team provides additional storage reliability, faster operation with files and extended support of new adapters.

RAIDIX 4.7 implements synchronous and asynchronous remote volume replication, which allows creating disaster-proof solutions and ensure increased data protection.


New Features and Updates

1. Bidirectional data replication between two RAIDIX systems: RAIDIX 4.7 supports volume replication in both synchronous and asynchronous modes.

2. Connection to LDAP servers which allows users to work with NFS shares and set different access rights for files and directories.

3. Support of SAS 9400 and FC QLogic 2692 adapters. Compatibility is proved by RAIDIX QA team.

4. Support of NFS v.4 protocol for NAS service.

5. Improved RAIDIX user web interface.


Technical Manuals

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