New version of software from RAIDIX team provides additional storage reliability, faster operation with files and extended support of new adapters. RAIDIX 4.7 implements synchronous and asynchronous remote volume replication, which allows creating disaster-proof solutions and ensure increased data protection.   New Features and Updates 1. Bidirectional data replication between two RAIDIX systems: RAIDIX 4.7 […]
Several months ago while working on regular scheduled project, our research lab team was studying NVMe drives and software in order to find the best way of assembling software arrays. Testing results obtained that time were surprisingly confusing, as productivity of software in use was not corresponding to huge potential of NVMe drives and their […]
RAIDIX launches a new edition of the software-defined storage technology – RAIDIX 4.6. The RAIDIX volume management software powers commodity hardware to create fault-tolerant high-performance data storage systems for data-intensive applications. Adding to the previous major edition, RAIDIX 4.6 enables the use of NVDIMM-N, ensures support for new 100Gbit adapters and brings along more features […]