RAIDIX Partnership Program

RAIDIX is an innovative solution provider and developer of high-performance storage systems. The value of company’s products builds on proprietary RAID architecture, which improves storage throughput, provides stable performance and characteristics of Hi-End storage systems without additional hardware investments.

How do you profit from RAIDIX partnership?

Get storage solution with the highest throughput for intensive streaming workloads

• Up to 17GBps write and 22GBps read on RAID 6
• Performance drawdown in degraded mode less than 10%
• Intellectual optimization of applications workload
• Best-in-class cost efficiency for systems from 500 TB

Get hyperspeed NVMe-based solution for demanding real-time applications

• 35GBps and 5 500 000 IOps on RAID 6
• Saved CPU resources for local applications
• Minimum RAM resources required
• No performance loss in any cases

RAIDIX Partner Network

RAIDIX software is distributed through the partners as an operating part of hardware solutions. RAIDIX Partner Network includes companies from all around the world and so far valid partners are located in the USA, Russia, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, Kazakhstan and Vietnam.

RAIDIX introduces Partner Program for several types of companies:

Reseller Any company engaged in the distribution of storage systems. Resellers use the simplest and fastest way to join the Partner Network as no signed agreements with RAIDIX (except NDA) are required.
System Integrator Any company that assembles storage systems for the end clients. Direct contract is preferable, though not obligatory.
Strategic Partner Exclusive supplier of storage solutions in determined region. Direct supply contract between RAIDIX and Strategic Partner is obligatory.
Technology Partner Any manufacturer of hardware components and complementary software for storage systems. In case of cooperation, strategic partnership agreement is to be signed.

Partner Benefits

RAIDIX team offers special prices, discounts and funds to facilitate partners’ sales. The following benefits are valid for certain types of partners:

Reseller System Integrator Strategic Partner Technology Partner
Sales & Marketing
Discount up to 15% in case of deal registration Yes Yes
Discount up to 20% to support Partner marketing funds* Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited NFR license for 1 year 1 1 1
Early access to upcoming software releases Yes Yes Yes
Transfer of incoming leads Yes Priority Transfer
Partner’s logo on the international RAIDIX website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Showcase joint solutions on the international RAIDIX website Yes Yes
Promotion of joint solutions and implementation cases Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support
3rd line of support for clients’ solutions Yes Yes Yes
On-line assistance with building and testing RAIDIX-based solutions Yes Yes Yes
On-line trainings for Partners’ technical specialists Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pre-sale assistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to RAIDIX demo stand (refer to your RAIDIX manager for details) Yes Yes Yes

* Discount for the marketing funds is provided in the current quarter in case the forecasted sales target was achieved in the previous quarter. The discount consists of 2 parts (fixed bonus and promotion bonus) that are calculated separately from the overall sales amount of the previous quarter:
1. Fixed bonus: 10% discount
2. Promotion bonus: up to 10% discount. To get the promotion bonus, Partner has to facilitate promotion of RAIDIX-based solutions (e.g. publish information about joint solution on the website, submit successful implementation case, share a reference from the customer). The amount of the bonus is to be discussed with RAIDIX manager in advance and locked in the business plan.

Partner Requirements

Reseller System Integrator Strategic Partner Technology Partner
Sign NDA Required Required Required Required
Sign partner agreement and licensing agreement Required Required
Build RAIDIX-based solution and place information about it on Partner website Not required / Preferably Required Required Required
Submit quarterly business plan and discuss the discount for the marketing funds with RAIDIX manager Required Required Required
Arrange RAIDIX training and certification for minimum 1 technical specialist Preferably Required Subject to Agreement
Arrange 1st and 2nd line of technical support for Partner clients Preferably Required Required

Contact Information

Contact RAIDIX team and join Partner Network today!